Aaron Kho

Aaron Kho

Currently living in New York City, Aaron enjoys meeting people and taking on new challenges to further his creative vision. To him, uncharted and unexplored territories are the freshest places for inspiration.

Ever since he picked up his DSLR since 13 years old, his decision to transit into professional photography in the past 5 years has never left him with any regrets. Since 2014, Aaron has been creating project-based works.

Aaron envisions a world where photography becomes a language that can be utilized by people of different languages, races or creeds to share his passion in pursuing such art form and to create heartfelt joy for others.

Shows and Presentations 

2017 - Out of Focus: Capturing the Untold Stories of Our Neighbors
2017 - BFA Thesis: Gulf and Western Gallery, Tisch School of the Arts
2017 - Unnatural Election Exhibition, Anchorage, Alaska.
2017 - Photoville, New York
2012 - Biodivercity Competition

Publications and Screenings 

2016 - Me, Undulating Rivers and the Boldest Frontiers of Life
2016 - In Search of Gilda. Haikus. 
2015 - Blue, Grey, Red, Black. Zine.